Many people take out loans to assist financing their wedding day. You should take financial advice and check for the best deals out there. With the average wedding cosing around £25,000 in the UK though this big day doesn’t come cheap.

Other alternatives are:

1. Dip into your savings. Probably the best way to proceed if possible.

2. Borrow from friends or family? Take care though as this can often lead to acrimonious relations and is best avoided.

3. Credit cards. See our comments at credit cards for weddings for more details.

4. Receive gifts. Often family will contribute particularly the parents of the bride as per the long tradition. However nowadays it is the modern way for both sets of parents to make a contribution. Again much depends on the age of the couple to be wed, if they have been working for a long while and already have a home and many other factors.

Borrow £80 - £750 today


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