My wedding-one week to go!

Hi readers. I have only one week to go now till my wedding and I am feeling nervous for the first time. I’ve been fine till now though maybe it is just starting to hit me. I keep thinking what will I be doing next week and keep thinking of wedding things i need to remember. Needless to say my lists of things to do and remember to take are getting really long now. still I am sure that things will be great on the day. It seems a bit unreal after counting down the months and weeks for so long for it to be finally here.

I have had the final dress fitting and collect the wedding dress the day before plus veil and hoop. I’ve hired a double hoop to make the skirt as full as possible. It has a slight train and I need two people to get me into it on the day. It’s a zip back which is what I wanted and a good job as the lace up backs take ages to do.

Anyway I’ll let you know how I feel as the big day draws nearer……

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