Pre- wedding diet tips

Pre- wedding diet tips

In the run up to the big day don’t despair if you haven’t yet lost all the weight you were hoping to.  You can follow these few feet wedding diet tips to keep use them and trim an online your target weight for your big day.  These tips are intended as last resort diet tips in the run up to your big day.  The most important thing is to remember not to despair and myself and does so much pressure the for you can’t lose any weight and instead revert to binge eating.

Set a target.  That yourself a target aware you will eat healthily for a certain number of days.  There may be so unrealistic that you feel you are unable to stick to it.  For example he won date healthily and the next a little more relaxed.  This is easy to maintain a oversight a week prior to your wedding.  Alternatively if you only have a couple of days to go tell yourself that you will eat healthily for those few days and make a pact with yourself to stick to this.

  • Motivation.  If you have strong motivation you can achieve anything.  And this goes for sticking to healthy eating for a short period of time just prior to a wedding.  With a only a few days to go it is easy to encourage herself by thinking that it is such a short period of time we can forgo any treats all temptations for that period.  Tell yourself that he will be worth it and that you can always treat yourself a little after the wedding day.
  • Chill out.  Take it easy and don’t get too stressed out in the run up to the big day.  Particularly if you know you are liable to overeat if you feel stressed.  For some people this is not a problem and they tend to wander eat when under stressful situations.  However if you tendency is to overeat then make sure you dial down the pressure a little does not fall in this track.  To relax indulge yourself in other activities that you enjoy, for example taking a hot bath or relaxing with a good book for an hour or so.
  • Eat healthy low calorie foods in bulk.  If you have a tendency two not like to be restricted in what you eat then the best option is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables in unlimited quantities but cut down on all the foods.  Psychologically you will feel that you will not be deprived and in terms of calories consumed there is a limit to how much fruit and vegetable food you can consume each day anyway.  Thus these foods are all of low calorie and filling and will act as a detox prior to your wedding day.
  • Drink plenty of fluid.  Drink plenty of low calorie fluids such as coffee and tea with no sugar or milk, herbal teas or diet drinks and of course water.  Increasing your fluid intake will help to keep you feel full and less likely to eat and also act as a detox full set your system making you feel more energetic and less likely to crave foods to increase your energy level.

We hope that these pre- wedding diet tips help you at least lose a little weight before your wedding day.

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