This page explains the privacy policy for Wedding Day Shop. We respect the importance of your privacy. This privacy policy explains how we gather and use any information you give to us and what you can do about it.

What information we gather

If you are browsing the Wedding Day Shop site, reading our articles or looking through the items we promote and advertise without being a registered user, we gather no personal information about you. All we will gather is the standard HTTP information that will appear in our web logs, though we will use unique identifiers for the purpose of identifying an individual user.

Only when you register will we require you to give us personal details like email, password, name, title and address. Once you are a registered member, you have the option to submit further details if you wish.

If you are purchasing anything promoted on our site you will be directed to the site of the seller. We do not handle the financial transaction in any way.

Why we gather information

Much of the information we gather is required to run our site. We encourage you to submit some personal details and become a member for the following reasons. To:

  • enable you to personalise parts of the site and extend the functionality of different sections.
  • identify you for the purpose of buying products, entering competitions, signing up for events, requesting further information from companies advertising on our site, and controlling the use of our forums.
  • tailor specific marketing towards you in the form of emails.
  • marketing using data collected.

We will not contact you about anything else unless you ask us for any assistance to help you.

We may analyse the data you submit to enable us to develop our site, eg “what are the most popular pages on our site”.

What access you have to your information

You have access to any information that you submitted when you signed up to become a member. You can request to be unregistered at anytime and we will remove any personal information that you gave to us when becoming a member. You can unsubscribe from any emails at any time.

Who receives the data

We offer you the option of receiving information when you register with us. You can amend your preferences at any stage.

How long we store personal information for

We will store information about you as long as we require it to carry out our site. We can remove certain information if you request it.

How you can contact us

You can contact us at


Wedding Day Shop requires the use of cookies for its site to function. They are used to identify an individual as they use the site. Some of these cookies exist only whilst you have the browser open as they are destroyed once it is closed. Others are there permanently, or at least until you destroy the cookies yourself using your browser. These cookies may be disabled, but this might result in certain sections of the site being unavailable to you. The cookies we use should not disclose any of your personal details.


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