Changing your name list of organisations to notify

When you change your name in the United Kingdom, there are various organisations and people you should notify. Government departments and banks usually need to see an original document or a certified copy of (your marriage certificate or Deed Poll). Other organisations may accept a photocopy.

Here is a list of the most common places to notify:

Inland Revenue (get your reference from your employer).
Department of Health & Social Security.
Passport Office.
Building Society (mortgage and/or savings accounts).
Credit Card Companies.
Finance/Loan Companies.
Premium Bond Office.
Investment Companies.
Companies that you have any shares in.
Pension Company.
Insurance Companies (e.g. car, medical, life, property, buildings etc).
Mail-Order Catalogue Companies.
Motoring Organisations.
Professional Institutes and Bodies.
Clubs, Societies and Associations.
Internet Service Provider (if your e-mail address incorporates your old name, you may wish to change your e-mail address). 

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Changing your name after marriage

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