Silk flowers or false flowers for my wedding?

The main question with flowers is should I go for real flowers of false flowers? In my case I went for real flowers in the end though I flirted with the idea of false ones initially. Remember that flowers are a special part of your wedding day and will be looked at by the guests so it is important to set the right tone.

What can silk flowers offer me?

You can order an array of wedding flowers online. Make sure you check about delivery times and the reputation of the seller. It is no good paying for  your order for it never to arrive or to arrive late. You have more stressful things to worry about. Make sure the proposed place has good reviews not only for the products but for delivery as well. Also check for past reviews about the condition of delivered items. You want to make sure your order gets here in one piece and good condition.

It is always best if you can visit the shop to see what the flowers are like especially if you are not familiar with false flowers. They may not live up to your expectations and you don’t want to be disappointed on your big day. Most online shops do samples (you will have to pay for these though!) but are a good idea before making any orders. Failing this just order a small item from their website to check the delivery speed, customer service and quality of the item.

Most of us are familiar with Amazon and they have a good range of false wedding flowersflowers with a wealth of reviews.

If you do not want the whole wedding flower selection in silk then you can still incorporate silk rose petals as part of the aisle experience and have a flower girl throw these as you walk the aisle makes a lovely wedding experience. Of course some venues do not allow real rose petals to be thrown anyway and let’s face it, it would be hard to buy or gather these yourself!

Of course with silk flowers you can keep these as a keep sake of the day. However some brides I spoke to say the flowers often look tired after a few years and are not a good reminder of your special wedding day.

Another consideration may be that real flowers can rub against garments most particularly your wedding dress and cause stains. This is of course not an issue at all with silk flowers (though this is not particularly an issue nowadays with real flowers anyway).


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