Table decorations

You can make yur own decorations for a fraction of the cost of ready made ones-take it from someone who knows! It won’t take too much time either. Here’s my actions plan:

1. Search online for “Wedding setting images”.

2. Find a photo of a setting you like and note what is involved.

3. Research where you can buy all the components.

4. Price up comparisons for each component to ensure you get the best deal.

5. Do an overall total cost and compare to ensure your costing is good. Make sure you account for the relevant number of guetsts and tables required.

As regards helium balloons, check with your venue as to whether they are allowed. In some cases these are considered nowadays rather passé however they can bulk up a table design. In some venues these are not allowed, particularly older sytle buildings where floating balloons can set off security alarm systems

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