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iconClothes for the groom and men for weddings. Groom suits to buy and suits for the groom to hire. Where to get them and how much you should be paying. Ideas for groom clothing.

Suits for grooms made to measure

Advantages of this are:

  • Good fit.
  • Matching suits for the groom, best man and ushers. Or at least coordinating suits.
  • Specialized wedding service. Most places offering made to measure suits will provide a bespoke service especially for wedding suits. Given the expertise of such tailors you are likely to get better service as well as “better” wedding suits.

Disdvantages are:

  • Cost. It is likely to cost alot more than hire or off the peg suits. Especially if you are paying for the suits  for ushers and best man.
  • Depending on how fancy the suits are (eg top and taixxls) it may only be possible to wear as a one off. Does this justify the cost?

Off the peg suits for grooms

Many places sell wedding suits or normal suts can be adapted for weddings. Especailly most mens working suits with wasitcoats to match can esily be made to look like wedding suits. You nee to consider colour, cut and matching accessories and with a bit of vison a noral suit can be adapted to fit a wedding scenario. As far as colour goes usual wedding colours for groom suits woudl be grey, navy bue and black. A matching waistcoat gives any suit a more foral and wedding look. Ensure the suit colour can be accessorised with the wedding colour scene though. Take into account the colour of flowers t be worn as buttonholes and whether the whole overall colour scene will fit the suit colour or not. For example if your wedding colour scheme is ppink, white and black a black wedding suit for the groom rather than a navy blue wedding suit woud be a better match.

Think good fitting suits. High street winning shops are:

Menswear at M&S

Online star places for wedding suits are:

Amazon mens wedding suits

Suits to hire for grooms

The advantage of this is that you have a number of ushers and best man they can all match if you want them to. If the outfit is a little extraordinary your mates might not want to buy the suit and hire costs will be alot cheaper.

Disadvantages of hire are:

1. The fit may not be right.

2. Some guys don’t like wearing hire clothes. They Are in sometime categorised as second hand and you don’t know who has worn in before!

3. It’s a lost cost-you don’t get a suit at the end of it.

Amazon mens wedding suits

Useful links

Here are some of the suits available at Marks & Spencer plc M & S wedding suits for men


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