Wedding diet plan 3 months

Wedding diet plan 3 months formula for weight loss for your wedding day. At 3 months ahead of your big day you still have a good period of time in which you can achieve weight loss. Any sooner than 3 months and you are realistically looking at  more drastic short term weight loss diet. After all, even at three months to go it only equates to 12 weeks! Yikes!

So let’s look at some of the best wedding diet plans you can use to shed some pounds before you need to fit into your wedding attire.

Some of the best diets for weight loss over three months include the following:

F2 diet plan a long running tried and tested healthy eating plan

High protein diet modern approach to dieting arising from the Atkins phenomena

Jenny Craig diet plan as advertised on TV by Mel B of the Spice Girls

Weight Watchers diet plan always a popular diet plan that works

Zone diet plan as used by celebrities such as Madonna and Jennifer Aniston

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