Wedding Diet Plan

Wedding Diet Plan ideas for help with losing weight for your wedding day. Brides and grooms want to look their best for their wedding day and for most couples this means losing a few pounds to fit into your wedding gowns and suits. Losing a bit of excess weight also means for most people a boost to looking good on one of the biggest days of your life. It also helps make you look good in wedding photos which can add a few pounds to your frame just through being on film.

Most people tend to start thinking about losing weigh for their wedding about a year in advance. However being human this is a task that is generally left till the date looms closer for most of us. Hence we have included 3 month, one month and one week plans.

Generally brides will be attending fittings at least around the six month mark prior to the wedding day so will at that point start making a conscious effort to slim down.

It all depends how much you have to lose though and how strong your will power…

Wedding diet plan one year

Wedding diet plan 6 months

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