Wedding diet plan one week

Wedding diet plan one week left before your big day. In this case it is too late to achieve substantial weight loss but you can still make a difference and gain a slimmer figure for your wedding. Either it is a last minute wedding, you only have a few pounds to lose, have left it too late to start your diet or want a final push on weight loss in the last week.

Whatever your reasons the diet plans below will offer ways to achieve maximum weight loss in a short period of time. Obviously the caveat following these plans is that they are restrictive in order to achieve fast weight loss and with a week to go before a wedding your are likely to be stressed out. The addition of a restrictive diet plan can prove an added strain so be careful not to overdo it.

Cabbage Soup Diet A well known fast weight loss plan targeted at 7 day weight loss. Lasts for one week and average weight loss is 11 pounds

Coffee Diet A 3 day restrictive diet which can be repeated within again within a week timeframe. Weight loss of around 6 pounds in 3 days

Detox Diet Average is 10 pounds in 7 days and cleanses as well as promotes weight loss

Dukan Diet Attack Phase Within a week you could follow Phase 1 of the Dukan Diet where you can expect to lose up to 7lb to 10lb

Fruitarian Diet Extremely restrictive in food choice but with a whopping possible weight loss of as much as a stone in one week!

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